Using Hootsuite & IFTTT together – for creatives


Using Hootsuite & IFTTT together - for creatives

Using Hootsuite & IFTTT together - for creatives. I thought it would be helpful to share my workflow and how I combine the power of two social media management platforms, Hootsuite and IFTTT. Both these platforms comes as free version as well as paid. In this example I'm using the free versions. Let me show you how you can maximise your reach and save a ton of time by building a process and then let it run. I only post content once but I reach 8 different channels. I'm a photographer so my social media revolves around Instagram. I have made it central to my social workflow. I start out in Hootsuite where I post content to Instagram, Facebook Profile & my Google+ page. Even if Instagram is still 100% mobile centric it's now possible to post there from Hootsuite. That's one of the many reasons why I use Hootsuite. I simply post to Instagram and Hootsuite will send a notification to my mobile phone. I simply pick it up on my mobile, open up the notification in Instagram and post it there, Voilà. (The other two posts just go straight to ther destinations.)
OK, phase one is done. If I wanted to pay about €10 a month for Hootsuit Pro I could actually post directly to all my social channels. If you're on a budget you can achieve the same thing by using IFTTT (If This Then That) IFTTT is simply a mix of triggers, recipes and channels. When I post something to Instagram a trigger will activate a recipe of mine with the desired action to my different channels. In this example it will actually set off 5 recipes and post to 5 different social channels. All this without me having to lift a finger. If you're tired of the constant logging in here and logging out there this is for you. No more forgotten passwords. The beauty of combining Hootsuite & IFTTT is that they really complement each other, without costing you a cent. Save time and money and go out and take some pictures.
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