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Using G+ community as a collaborative tool

G+ hangouts collaborative tool

G+ hangouts as a collaborative tool? Will that work ?
I’m off to Stockholm and a fashion photography workshop with 24 students at Fotoskolan STHLM. In order to collaborate quickly and effectively with such a large group of people I thought I would give the G+ community feature a go as a focal point for this project. My idea is to totally ban any emails and instead rely on G+ Hangouts, notes and comments on the G+ community page (plus the occational tweet) and hopefully increase the speed and efficiency of our collaboration.

Since I find myself involved in larger and more complex projects recently I have become very interested in finding smart and effective solutions with extremely low “pain thresholds” to enter. There are a bunch of really nifty and powerful corporate tools out there and if You have the time and firepower to implement a workflow across the board in an organization they probably come in very handy. But if You like me work with different people all the time, with various skills, experiences and mindsets You need to find tools that “just work” without any friction.

Scott Belsky, founder of the Behance Network is constantly talking about the need to reduce everyday friction in order to Making Ideas Happen, which is also the title of his  book that I enjoyed reading recently.

Here is the G+ Community Page I created especially for this project

Have any of You experience in abandoning email for other collaborative tools ?
Please let me know in the comment section.

DMesh and ScreenFlow

An images showing DMesh and Screenflow in action

I’m using a combination of Dmesh and Screenflow for an upcoming multimedia project…

… here is a sneek-peak into an upcoming digital project that I’m preparing for this fall. I’m using a whole plethora of tools such as Screenflow, DMesh, Adobe Premiere, Lightrrom and Photoshop and the list is likely to get longer as we progress deeper into this.


My photography production workflow -best practices

You know that feeling when for the 7th. time someone involved in the production of Your photo shoot, asks You, with a somewhat meek and apologetic voice, to resend the location images, or re-send the quote You already sent twice…

“Sorry, but I can’t find it” or the even better “Sorry, but I never got it”

Arghhh!  This really drives me crazy but what can You do about it? How can You get all the “others” to see the light and start to work and collaborate in a effective manner?

After having tried all kinds of really great collaborative platforms and spending endless hours evangelizing about the pro’s of this or the great features of that I have realized one thing…

Ease of use with an extremely low threshold always beats bells and whistles! No matter how great a platform might be if “the others” cannot use it, or even don’t try to use it, it’s no use. (This is a variation on “the best camera is the one You have with You”)

So after some time I have cut back and whittled down on the tools I use to collaborate on a production and right now this is my set-up:

I use Google Drive to keep all relevant documentation in the cloud and easily sharable and accessible by the people I grant editing or viewing priviliges…

Parallel to that I use Workflowy to keep on top of every aspect of the project, such as options, actions to take, castings and virtually every other angle of the production. With Workflowy I can easily share the whole project or parts of it with anyone, and best of all – there is nothing to install!   I just send a link. (Whenever You ask someone to install “this really great tool”  I can guarantee You they will not, it’s really that simple…

On top of all this and for a more visual approach I use Pinterest to create mood boards, create castings, location scouting and anything else that might need an image… You know –an image says more than a thousand words. Pinterest is currently by invitation only but a lot of my collaborators a re already on it so the initial friction is still very, very low…

To summarize: If people have to download or install something -forget it! They will not… Use cloudbased solutions, and… They are all free !

My top 15 digital resources & tools for photographers.

I thought I should put together a curated post of my favorite digital resources and how I use them in my workflow.

PhotoShelter – My principal website is a PhotoShelter website and there are so many great things to say about them but within this limited format and apart from the obvious quality of their offering I’d like to highlight their unwavering commitment to publish great articles on a variety of photo related topics and their engagement to educate us photographers. I  recommend You to start by checking out all the free reports and tools here

Behance Network – The world’s largest Creative Network with an amazing array of valuable add-ons… Publisher of the Creators Project dedicated to the celebration of creativity, culture and technology. The Creators Project Blog is probably the best blog on art & technology in my opinion. My secondary site is built on the Behance framework.

Glossom Network – Creative Network runner up who recently has proven that they mean business… A bit more analogue and less “techie”  than Behance with several really great blogs covering photography, design, fashion… You name it.

HubSpot Stop pushing & Start attracting. Stop interrupting & Start engaging… HubSpot publishes a never ending stream of super valuable content covering marketing and SEO. They also offer You a number of great tools, start with their free  Marketing Grader and check out their free reports and goodies here. I have learned a lot from their reports and I read their RSS feed everyday…

Google+ … and all other G products with an honorary mention to Google Reader and HangOut. I’m seriously feeling warm and fuzzy about all the great tools Google offers us – for free !!! Google+ is much better than Facebook, I actually read my stream on G+ which is not the case on FB.

HootSuite – Manage multiple social media channels and become effective… Free tool – or pay for a premium offer… You choose. HootSuite lets You manage all Your social channels from one place, = effectiveness.

Twitter –  Meet and engage with new people… Anyone looking for a “bare bones” social media presence need to include twitter, it’s that important in my opinion.

Facebook Page 800 million users and 1 out of 6 online minutes is spent here… Even though G+ has stolen the thunder lately I believe You need to have a Facebook presence as well…

LinkedIn – professsional contacts… Some argue that LinkeIn is the network to use if You’re looking for professional contacts and ROI. I maintain a pretty solid presence on linkeIn and I have even created my own group.

Google Analytics – Free, absolutely indispensible tool to understand what’s going on and if Your digital strategy is actually working out !

WordPress Blog – blog the right way… This blog is built on WordPress !

Pinterest – the new hot kid on the block… Supposedly driving massive traffic back to You… I haven’t really seen that yet but some users report that Pinterest drives more traffic than Twitter and Facebook together !!!

YouTube –  Since I do produce a fair amount of moving image I need to be on both YouTube and Vimeo

Vimeo – Since I do produce a fair amount of moving image I need to be on both Vimeo and YouTube

Tumblr – hip, young and fashion centric.. For me, as a fashion photographer, a very important resource.

… oh, by the way… The word-cloud was created using the free Wordle tool

Google Drive has launched…

I’m personally a big fan of DropBox and I use it every day to deliver images and work to my clients over the cloud. Since I need to upload, deliver & share very large files Microsofts Sky Drive is not suitable for me (with it’s limit to 100mb uploads), despite it’s whopping 25 GB of free space.

Very curious to see how Google Drive wil stack up against DropBox…

Use this link to get Your own free 2 GB of storage in the cloud from DroBox

I have a hunch that I will continue to use DropBox for images and Google Drive for all the rest because of it’s seamless integration into everything else Google (Google Drive is essentially a revamped Google Docs on steroids) , we’ll see…

Be sure to check out this article from the Verge covering almost all cloud based sharing platforms



Sorry Google drive but I don’t really feel You when it comes to photos… Too  cumbersome to add and manage files and tiff files don’t even show up…

Jpg’s works fine but I do not really work with them for anything else but screen resolution stuff… I will stick to DropBox for images and Google Drive for everything else !

DropBox doubles the free space in their offer to 2 GB

I’m a big fan of Dropbox and I use it all the time to intuitively deliver material to clients via links. This way of delivering work is fast with a very low threshold of acceptance from less geeky people who might not be that familiar with newer technologies and workflows.

All they have to do is clicking a link – Easy.

In light of Microsofts massive SkyDrive offer which gives You a whopping 25 GB of free space in the cloud Dropbox has now doubled their free offer…

Click on this link to get an instant 2GB of free DropBox space and by refering Your friends You can earn up to 16 GB of free space. Me myself is currently enjoying about 11 GB of space there.

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