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Stars Stillifes

Stars Stillifes

A personal stillife project by photographer Per Zennstrom

Stars Stillifes

A personal stillife project by photographer Per Zennstrom

Stars Stillifes

A personal stillife project by photographer Per Zennstrom

Stars Stillifes

A personal stillife project by photographer Per Zennstrom

Stars Stillifes

… just a quick post with an ongoing stillife project. No biggie ; )))



Petro Wodkins – “Paint it White”

Petro Wodkins versus Petrov-Vodkin – Russian Contemporary Art

Petro Wodkins is a russian artist & musician, exploring modern, contemporary art. He was (re)born early spring 2013. The goal of Petro is to find the core of art, away from the market, the posh galleries and academia.

For some time now I have been involved in an on-going project by russian contemporary artist Petro Wodkins. Not shying away from controversial interventions both on-line and IRL , Petro recently managed to shut down the world renowned Luisiana Art Museeum for about 5 mins.

Man in white body paint

… from the project “Paint it White” by russian contemporary artist Petro Wodkins



For the “paint it White” session Petro had procured a black BMW that within 24 hrs. had been metamorphosed into a totally white car, from the inside out.

A telling and interesting aspect of Petro’s work is his name – Petro Wodkins. This is an allusion to the artist Petrov-Vodkin that lived some100 years ago. One of the aspects of Petro-Vodkin’s work was that he was critized for his work being “too erotic” and he was in conflict with the religious authorities of the Russian Orthodox Church. The latter of course takes advantage of all this and It could be very tempting to dismiss the rather flamboyant Petro as a loudmouth and trixter but once You start to scratch the surface a more nuanced and multi-layered image appears of a very thoughtful and complex artist with a mature understanding of his own role on the art scene and his relations to other artists and players.

The shooting itself was pretty straightforward and fast since our models were painted from head to toe in white paint and we needed to shoot while the paint was still “wet and fresh”. The main image happened at the end, almost as an afterthought and it grew on me later on in the edit.  Me personally had some other favorites but in the end the image of Petro throwing paint won out.



Petro Wodkins versus Petrov-Vodkin - Russian Contemporary Art

… after the shooting of “Paint it White”





Citizens! + stalking bunny…

[photoshelter-gallery g_id=’G0000LFxWoQDG6WM’ g_name=’Citizens’ f_show_slidenum=’t’ img_title=’casc’ pho_credit=’iptc’ f_link=’t’ f_enable_embed_btn=’t’ f_send_to_friend_btn=’t’ f_fullscreen=’t’ f_show_watermark=’t’ f_htmllinks=’t’ f_mtrx=’t’ fsvis=’f’ width=’610′ height=’457′ f_constrain=’t’ bgcolor=’#AAAAAA’ bgtrans=’t’ btype=’old’ bcolor=’#CCCCCC’ crop=’t’ twoup=’t’ trans=’xfade’ tbs=’4000′ f_ap=’t’ linkdest=’c’ f_topbar=’f’ f_bbar=’f’ f_bbarbig=” f_show_caption=’f’ f_smooth=’f’ f_up=’f’ target=’_self’ ]


The british power-pop sensation Citizens and their very own stalker bunny, in a fashion story for Best Fashion magazine, styled by Yilmaz Aktepe.

In this story I added a lot of “glitchy” artefacts to heighten the energy level and to make it a bit more “streety”

NOOG – digital collectibles

NOOG – a set of purely digital collectibles is a collaborative, purely digital art project that uses augmented reality technology in a fun and easy way. I just came across it and hope to be able to experiment with it a bit more. Above some of my first attempts using this fun tool that instatnly brings augmented reality into the hands of anyone…

“The NOOG Collection is the first set of purely digital collectables known to us. There have been different versions of existing material collectables that have transgressed into the virtual world of the Internet, but these are mere extensions to sets that predominantly populate the world in a material form. Digital Collectables define a pure immaterial set of desirable yet absent objects. Collectors begin their journey as curious and inspired amateurs. As their hunger for completion increases with every obtained fractal of a set, the collector steadily develops into a lover of NOOG.

They grow into masters as their desire for the entire set grows with the number of collected fractals of a set increases. The less pieces of the puzzle that are missing, the more a true collectors heart desires those missing and the warmer her love for the collected elements becomes.

Digital collecting demands a greater heart than material collecting, as the viral and virtual love is purer, it being disassociated from material and form. In digital collecting the intellect and passion must combine to heighten the imagination of the collector.

Pure love, desire and passion are entirely detached from a material form. Customization turns into a rewarding level of collecting, where the collector can interact with her set and become artist and curator of her own collection. 128 NOOGs are fully designed and styled, all of which have their own flavor. Another 128 NOOGs can be styled by you, the collector, using your own imagination.”

The most epic fashion moment – ever…

Alexander McQueen, Pret-a-Porter SS 1999 with Shalom Harlow

… the epic moment when (classically trained) model Shalom Harlow engaged two industrial robots in a surrealistic ballet. That relationship between human & robot was in partly re-created some 11 years later in the “Plato’s Atlantis” show where the robots were carrying video cameras that were used to stream the show live on the internet.

As always McQueen juxtaposed his trademark morbidity and fascination with technology with an fragile and feminine delicacy…


1000 words workshop – photographer Roger Ballen

One of my favorite photographic platforms 10000 Words photography is hosting a workshop with renowned photographer Roger Ballen whose dark and edgy images really intrigue me with their formal elegance that contrast with the content that has an undercurrent of some sort of slow violence.

1000 Words is delighted to announce its fourth workshop. Following successes with Antoine d’Agata, Anders Petersen and Erik Kessels we are proud to present Roger Ballen as the workshop leader for the next retreat in Fez, Morocco (5-9 May 2012).

“Somebody said my pictures are diamonds but they are diamonds with charcoal and carbon inside. What’s going on in the interior of that world is breakdown and chaos, but there is affection on the formal side. You constantly have to deal with these contradictions. They cause ambiguity, which is an important part of my art.” – 

Roger Ballen

Francesca Woodman at LACMA

Francesca Woodman at the LACMA

In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States which covers the surrealist movement by american and mexican women artist.

“North America represented a place free from European traditions for women Surrealists from the United States and Mexico, and European émigrés. While their male counterparts usually cast women as objects for their delectation, female Surrealists delved into their own subconscious and dreams, creating extraordinary visual images. Their art was primarily about identity: portraits, double portraits, self-referential images, and masquerades that demonstrate their trials and pleasures. The exhibition includes works in a variety of media dating from 1931 to 1968, and some later examples that demonstrate Surrealism’s influence on the feminist movement. Iconic figures such as Louise Bourgeois, Leonora Carrington, Frida Kahlo, Lee Miller, Kay Sage, Dorothea Tanning, and Remedios Varo are represented, along with lesser known or newly discovered practitioners.”

Photography fashion | Modefotografie Berlin