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NOOG – digital collectibles

NOOG – a set of purely digital collectibles is a collaborative, purely digital art project that uses augmented reality technology in a fun and easy way. I just came across it and hope to be able to experiment with it a bit more. Above some of my first attempts using this fun tool that instatnly brings augmented reality into the hands of anyone…

“The NOOG Collection is the first set of purely digital collectables known to us. There have been different versions of existing material collectables that have transgressed into the virtual world of the Internet, but these are mere extensions to sets that predominantly populate the world in a material form. Digital Collectables define a pure immaterial set of desirable yet absent objects. Collectors begin their journey as curious and inspired amateurs. As their hunger for completion increases with every obtained fractal of a set, the collector steadily develops into a lover of NOOG.

They grow into masters as their desire for the entire set grows with the number of collected fractals of a set increases. The less pieces of the puzzle that are missing, the more a true collectors heart desires those missing and the warmer her love for the collected elements becomes.

Digital collecting demands a greater heart than material collecting, as the viral and virtual love is purer, it being disassociated from material and form. In digital collecting the intellect and passion must combine to heighten the imagination of the collector.

Pure love, desire and passion are entirely detached from a material form. Customization turns into a rewarding level of collecting, where the collector can interact with her set and become artist and curator of her own collection. 128 NOOGs are fully designed and styled, all of which have their own flavor. Another 128 NOOGs can be styled by you, the collector, using your own imagination.”

POGO remixes Monsters Inc.

The ever productive POGO has done it again…
Here another re-mix of yet another Disney / Pixar classic, Monsters Inc.

In this context it’s fun to muse on the double irony that even though Disney liberally went to the common well (Public Domain) for material that no longer were copyrighted (SnowWhite, Sleeping Beauty et al…) Disney itself are vehemently trying to prevent that older Disney material will be open for all to draw from…
Pogo himself was earlier drawn into a long legal dispute with Disney over this…

Daft Punk remixed – using classic game sounds


“If human beings thrive on limitations, then the life of the chiptune makes a lot of sense.”

By limiting Yourself You will actually open up new doors to areas You might have not been able to discover otherwise and the Chip Tune project is a great example of this paradox. Limiting themselves to sounds from classic game consoles (like Gameboy) they have taken some of Daft Punk’s most beloved classic and remixed them with astonishing results.

Download both albums at the Chiptune website here…

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