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issuu has been one of the pioneering digital self-publishing platforms and I have been covering them on this blog for some time now. Issuu was actually one of the very first solutions to relatively easy put Your content on-line in a more magazine like fashion. (You’d simply just create a pdf of Your content upload it and voila)

But with the rise of mobile –  and with that the rise of the app-economy –  Issuu seemed doomed to slowly just go away – chained to desktop-laptop and seemingly with no prospects ever finding it’s way onto peoples mobile devices.

This simplicity – just export Your InDesign file of your magazine to a pdf and upload – enabled almost every major publication to make their content available on Issuu – all this happened  a year – or three – before media companies gained the know-how and started to develop apps for that.

That’s why it’s really exciting to tell You that Issuu is finally available on both iOS and Android

Tweet: #Issuu is finally available on both #iOS and #Android - http://ctt.ec/PeS5O+
– it’s still not an app, (You still read the magazines via a browser and You have none of the mobile apps interactivity and gesture based inteface) – it’s just that the Issuu reader has been designed to work on all devices.

So all of a sudden the self publishing landscape has gotten really interesting. We have Issuu – with it’s simplicity – squaring off against Adobe Publishing Suite, Mag+ and others.



Gallery Stock RED DOT Issue #5 – MAN

My image licensing agency  Gallery Stock has published their 5th. on-line issue, making use of publishing platform Issuu
This time around it’s about men and images of men. My contribution above…

In a bit of a meta-ish discussion about publishing and the web 2.0 (remember?) I’d like to point out that this is again a confirmation of how everyone is doing everything and that You have to think like a publisher

I also would like to share this quote from Clay Shirky on publishing, taken from the ongoing series “How we will read” over at Findings

“Publishing is not evolving. Publishing is going away. Because the word “publishing” means a cadre of professionals who are taking on the incredible difficulty and complexity and expense of making something public. That’s not a job anymore. That’s a button. There’s a button that says “publish,” and when you press it, it’s done.”

– Clay Shirky

11horses – the viral issue

[issuu width=600 height=400 titleBarEnabled=true backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=100117184034-6dc0096ff4d349d38aea9c1de4695b89 name=11horses_the_viral_issue username=perzennstrom tag=art unit=px id=25ba93af-af9a-d6af-1cbd-31414d95d3c0 v=2]

Hello and welcome to 11HORSES and “the viral issue”. I have long had an interest in how ideas, gestures and “memes” get transmitted throughout our societies, changing, evolving and sometimes mutating into something new, getting passed on from generation to generation. Why is it that You will see soft, cuddly animals strapped to the front of big heavy trucks, driven by big, heavy men all over (at least) the western world ? Or what does the sight of a pair of sneakers, laces tied together, thrown over a phone wire mean, and why is it that kids all over will continue throwing them? We recently celebrated the 200 year anniversary of scientific giant Charles Darwin. His brilliant theory of natural selection continues to amaze and inspire us with it’s simplicity and elegance. In this issue we’re trying to illustrate and reflect on all of these phenomena with the help of some extraordinary talent.

Photography fashion | Modefotografie Berlin