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Kinetic Light Sculpture | Benjamin Muzzin

kinetic light sculpture

kinetic light sculpture by Benjamin Muzzin

Kinetic Light Sculpture

Full Turn ECAL/Benjamin Muzzin from ECAL on Vimeo.

A really nice example of a fusion of digital-virtual and physical-tactile expressions. Even though I’m very fond of the screen as medium it very often lacks the sensuality of paper or print. Here the screen dissolves in a furious spinning motion and the violence is replaced by a serene, ethereal fluidity.

Tutors: Alain Bellet, Gael Hugo, Christophe Guignard
ECAL / University of Art and Design, Lausanne Switzerland
Bachelor Media & Interaction Design
Music : “Murder!” by Montgomery Clunk (http://www.myspace.com/monteebeats)
http://www.ecal.ch + vimeo.com/channels/ecalmid

“With this project I wanted to explore the notion of the third dimension, with the desire to try to get out of the usual frame of a flat screen. For this, my work mainly consisted in exploring and experimenting a different device for displaying images, trying to give animations volume in space. The resulting machine works with the rotation of two screens placed back to back, creating a three-dimensional animated sequence that can be seen at 360 degrees. Due to the persistence of vision, the shapes that appear on the screen turn into kinetic light sculptures.”

Petro Wodkins – “Paint it White”

Petro Wodkins versus Petrov-Vodkin – Russian Contemporary Art

Petro Wodkins is a russian artist & musician, exploring modern, contemporary art. He was (re)born early spring 2013. The goal of Petro is to find the core of art, away from the market, the posh galleries and academia.

For some time now I have been involved in an on-going project by russian contemporary artist Petro Wodkins. Not shying away from controversial interventions both on-line and IRL , Petro recently managed to shut down the world renowned Luisiana Art Museeum for about 5 mins.

Man in white body paint

… from the project “Paint it White” by russian contemporary artist Petro Wodkins



For the “paint it White” session Petro had procured a black BMW that within 24 hrs. had been metamorphosed into a totally white car, from the inside out.

A telling and interesting aspect of Petro’s work is his name – Petro Wodkins. This is an allusion to the artist Petrov-Vodkin that lived some100 years ago. One of the aspects of Petro-Vodkin’s work was that he was critized for his work being “too erotic” and he was in conflict with the religious authorities of the Russian Orthodox Church. The latter of course takes advantage of all this and It could be very tempting to dismiss the rather flamboyant Petro as a loudmouth and trixter but once You start to scratch the surface a more nuanced and multi-layered image appears of a very thoughtful and complex artist with a mature understanding of his own role on the art scene and his relations to other artists and players.

The shooting itself was pretty straightforward and fast since our models were painted from head to toe in white paint and we needed to shoot while the paint was still “wet and fresh”. The main image happened at the end, almost as an afterthought and it grew on me later on in the edit.  Me personally had some other favorites but in the end the image of Petro throwing paint won out.



Petro Wodkins versus Petrov-Vodkin - Russian Contemporary Art

… after the shooting of “Paint it White”





Designer Michael Sontag & Hahnemühle Fine Art

Hahnemuhle Paper Fashion

Fashion designer Michael Sontag doesn’t sketch, draw or otherwise put his ideas down on paper before getting to work on his designs. Instead he intuitively and very much hands-on starts draping the fabric directly on his model – like a sculptor working with steel, glass or stone.

It’s his hands that are doing the work, directly manipulating the raw materials. The shapes are born directly from underneath his hands moving over a body and it’s this approach that leads to the fluidity, intimacy and movement of his pieces.
In this collaborative project Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper serves as his raw material. Folding, draping, moulding and ripping the paper he is creating instant and very short lived designs that only live long enough to be recorded on a computer chip in a camera.
It’s a very poetic mix of fashion, performance and semi-scientific research.

This performance and dance-like piece is documented and digitalized by fashion photographer Per Zennstrom. Even though the resulting sculptural shapes are physical objects consisting of real paper they will only live for an instant, barely enough to be recorded and preserved in digital form before they are gone.
The digital output of Michael Sontags work is then presented on stage at Photokina, in theform of a fashion photo-shooting/performance which in many ways is a digital “reflection” and re-enactment of the first analogue session.

As the process and performance nears the end the resulting images are again migrating back to the original media – paper. Large format prints from the photo shooting will be printed out on printers in plain view of the visitors…

Architecht Michael Hansmeyer builds un-imaginable shapes…

Lee Gold by photographer Per Zennstrom

Lee Gold by photographer Per Zennstrom in a collaborative project with architect Michael Hansmeyer

…an intriguing TED talk by architect & programmer Michael Hansmeyer on his work using computed algorithms to free himself from history, knowledge and previous ideas, to build extraordinary shapes. In short Mr. Hansmeyer proposes that we should design the process instead of the final object.

On a personal note I’m delighted to see Mr. Hansmeyers work getting this well deserved attention. I have collaborated with him in the past using his mathematical – architechtural input in a fashion project as well as featuring his work in my on-line magazine  11horses.

DMesh and ScreenFlow

An images showing DMesh and Screenflow in action

I’m using a combination of Dmesh and Screenflow for an upcoming multimedia project…

… here is a sneek-peak into an upcoming digital project that I’m preparing for this fall. I’m using a whole plethora of tools such as Screenflow, DMesh, Adobe Premiere, Lightrrom and Photoshop and the list is likely to get longer as we progress deeper into this.


Projection Mapping – a documentary

Augmented Reality – Projection Mapping from Dane Luttik on Vimeo.

A short documentary by Dane Luttik

Mapping projects by AntiVJ

0.14 3Destruct (AntiVJ 2011)
1.16 Nuits sonores (AntiVJ 2009)
1.20 Mécaniques Discursives (Legoman 2012)
1.22 St Gervais (AntiVJ 2010)
5.45 EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL (Joanie Lemercier – AntiVJ 2012)
6.48 Enghien (AntiVJ – 2009)

more info: http://www.antivj.com/

Mapping projects by Jean-Michel Verbeeck

1.29 Hexastruct
2.43 Quantum


The most epic fashion moment – ever…

Alexander McQueen, Pret-a-Porter SS 1999 with Shalom Harlow

… the epic moment when (classically trained) model Shalom Harlow engaged two industrial robots in a surrealistic ballet. That relationship between human & robot was in partly re-created some 11 years later in the “Plato’s Atlantis” show where the robots were carrying video cameras that were used to stream the show live on the internet.

As always McQueen juxtaposed his trademark morbidity and fascination with technology with an fragile and feminine delicacy…


Photography fashion | Modefotografie Berlin