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think like a publisher

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Think like a publisher

theLAB-berlin is a cross-disciplinary, creative platform and artist collective, focusing on creative, digital solutions and storytelling for clients in the fashion, music, luxury and new media space.

I’m super excited to let You all know that our first, very own app is now available in the App Store on iTunes. Normally I’m not soliciting downloads and ratings but in this case I’ll make an exception – If You like what You see please go to…


…and download the app for free and give us a rating in the store (this will help us tremendously)

The app was build from scratch – with my bare hands – using Adobe tools such as InDesign PublishingSuite and so on… I could never have done this without being a subscriber to the Adobe Creative Cloud which has opened up completely new playgrounds for me.

Much has been said – and is still being said – about think like a publisher and this project is my take on it.  I believe that the new technologies and new-media has given each and everyone of us a golden opportunity to craft and distribute our own story.

I still love being a photographer…
…AND there is so much more to discover!!!

Images by fashion photographer Anka Bardeleben and me…


Nomi from Blitzkids in a portarit series for Scentury - Perfume Stories. Nomi from Blitzkids in a portarit series for Scentury - Perfume Stories. Nomi from Blitzkids in a portarit series for Scentury - Perfume Stories. Nomi from Blitzkids in a portarit series for Scentury - Perfume Stories. Nomi from Blitzkids in a portarit series for Scentury - Perfume Stories.


Nomi from Blitzkids in an interview about scents and the power of memories on Scentury.com – Perfume stories.


on Scentury.com – Perfume stories.

Scentury – Perfume Stories is a great project by my friend Helder Suffenplan.

Scentury  is a research platform for perfume culture that strives to redefine the way we speak and think about fragrance.  This platform translates perfume into stories and images — a language everyone understands. Our global network of creative innovators and fragrance experts helps us to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural, social and psychological contexts of fragrance. Scentury operates both online and offline.  Scentury  was started and operated by 20FIRST, a Berlin-based studio for brand building and creative direction. 20FIRST was founded by Helder Suffenplan in 2006 and has won many national and international awards.

rock glamour

rock glamour –

rock glamour – I’m always thrilled to have the opportunity to direct the visual communication for luxury fashion label Stephan Boya. This season we produced a video + some stills + a small Instagram campaign…

See more at: http://bit.ly/1fbzUzI

Director: http://film.perzennstrom.com
Hair & Make-Up: http://www.claudiaschlifter.com/
Sound: HerzBlut | https://soundcloud.com/riley-zennstrom


rock glamour

I’m always thrilled to have the opportunity to direct the visual communication for luxury fashion label Stephan Boya. This season we produced a video + some stills + a small Instagram campaign…

Stephan Boya Rock Glamour After Effects-2

Fashion Designer Michael Sontag

Fashion Designer Michael Sontag

Fashion Designer Michael Sontag

Scentury | Michael Sontag-210-Edit-Edit Scentury | Michael Sontag-293-EditScentury | Michael Sontag-223-Edit Scentury | Michael Sontag-239 Scentury | Michael Sontag-294-EditScentury | Michael Sontag-270-Edit Scentury | Michael Sontag-276-Edit Scentury | Michael Sontag-292-Edit

An extended portrait of fashion designer Michael Sontag for Scentury – Perfume Stories, which is an online platform that feature creative people from all over the world, and the things that connect them with perfume: fantasy, sensuality, vision, and inspiring stories.  Scentury is the brainchild of Helder Suffenplan, (who is also one of the forces behind much acclaimed multi-platform and art project Upon Paper) and I was thrilled to be asked to participate with this extended portrait of my friend Michael Sontag.

Read the full interview on Scentury here:  

“My parents never gave me the feeling that I need be afraid when leaving the house to explore the world around me. I was able to run wild in the woods and meadows, and to play with whatever nature and chance provided.” –  Michael Sontag

Scents, and perfume is something that Helder cares deeply about and as he writes on the platform…

In 2011, when I first started to speak about my SCENTURY concept, I was staggered by the response. My friends shared with me memories of unforgettable moments, and how these are brought to life most vividly by a fragrance. I heard stories of summer days outdoors, bathed in the aroma of forests and meadows; of Asian timber temples, heavy with the fragrance of holiness; of dearly beloved grandmothers, with their own unmistakable mix of soap and musky ladies’ scent. And there were also tales of first love …
Fragrance stories are often funny, exciting, and romantic, but they can be sad or melancholy too. One thing is common to all of them however: they are intense and deeply personal! There are unique moments in life, which accompany us forever, for with the help of a certain aroma, they become deeply inscribed in our memories. And whenever the familiar fragrance crosses our path again, each cherished moment surges — unexpectedly, astonishingly, overwhelmingly — to the surface of our minds.”

Voice – by Florian Grill

Transexual fashion model Transexual fashion model Transexual fashion model Transexual fashion model Transexual fashion model Transexual fashion model Transexual fashion model Transexual fashion model

“I was very impressed the way he showed up, because he said that he’s a girl (and he is a real girl) but called himself Max… Plus, and that’s a fact – she is very sexy.

I cannot say more about it . He inspired me so much and i wonder why?”

 – a conversation between Peggy Kurka & Max

Do you like living in Hamburg or could you imagine to live somewhere else worldwide? If yes, where would it be?

– For sure. The world is so big and there are so many nice places but in Germany myfavourite city is Hamburg.

Is it possible to love someone even if you mismatch?
– I think everything is possible. Love doesn’t have borders.

Do you sometimes read books starting on the last page going backwards?
– No. Never.

If you know that somebody is annoyed by the stuff you are doing, do you restrain from
doing it?
– Sometimes but not always. It also depends on WHO is annoyed.

What is loyalty? What is cheating on the other hand?
– That is a tough question! It is hard to think of a definition for loyalty and cheating. Overall I can say that loyalty is that one can rely on the other person and to live without fear being deceived! That you are there and care for each other! Actually I want to say more about that topic but I can’t get the right words to describe it. Going nuts if that happens! Haha! Therefore cheating is when you can’t stick to the previous facts.

Success. What does this word mean to you?
– It means to me that you achieve what you want to. But it can already be the journey your on to reach the goal you are aiming for. Simply as a result for not giving up and moving on.

Is there any criteria in terms of beauty for you? Any attributes?
– I think you can’t define the the meaning of the word beauty. Every single person is beautiful in their kind of way!

Do you think you are pretty?
– Depends in which mood I am! Haha!

Would you say there is a typical german woman?
– I hate cliches. Therefore NO.  (Click to Tweet)

In what relation are fun and conscientiousness for you?
– Usually it should be balanced between the two words. But at some times I prefer the fun site which I mostly regret in the end by getting stress and panic.

Are you a person who thinks that it’s important to define art?
– No!!! I think art is something personal. Back in the days when I was at school we analysed pictures and there was only one right way to do so. Everybody has a different point of view about art. One should try to understand the other persons imagination if it’s different than yours and don’t force your perspective on them.

Would you sometimes like to be anybody else? Who would it be?
– I can’t think of one right now but it can definitely be interesting to see the world through other people eyes.

Are you afraid in the dark?
– YES! But I can’t say why.

Do you think sex is overrated?
– Sometimes yes.

Are you sometimes bored by yourself?
– Haha, always! It’s also an individual feature of me being bored pretty fast.

What do you believe in?
– Karma. What goes around comes around!

People are sometimes stuffy. What about you?
– More frequent than I prefer.

Do you like Roland Barthes?
– Unfortunately I wasn’t be able to meet that lovely person one-on-one.

Is there a best time?
– There’s always something better, I think. The second you think it’s the best time you don’t know what the future will bring.

What sets you free?
– To spend time with my granny or to read. Then I forget everything else and become calm.

Can you have sex while listening to the wrong music?
– I don’t know. Perhaps it’s funny in that situation but it depends on your partner. It definitely stops by listening to kids songs and chants!

Stolen question. What is the smallest unit of patience?
– What? If you wanna know whether I am patient or not. I am not most of the time! Haha!

What person do I see in front of me if you turn, let’s say, 65.
– You gonna see a grey-haired granny with a lot of grandchildren who are sitting in my kitchen and waiting for me to make dinner.

Put the following words in YOUR order: organisation, discipline, timing, prevision and will.
– Will, discipline, timing, prevision, organisation.

What is faith?
– Faith is for me that i can trust someone without doubt.

Would you like to loose weight? If so, for who?
– If one wants to change something on themselves they shouldn’t do it for others.

What are you really good at?
– I find it hard to say what I am really good at… I think ther is nothing I am really good at. I am good at some things but I can’t think of something right now I am „really“ good at…

What makes you sad?
– Haha. A lot of things make me sad, I am a little girl! Violence and helplessness amongst other things. I get almost always sad when I am watching the news.

Do you have a favourite dream?
– I’ld love to have a family when I am older. A really stereotyped one! But before that I wanna travel a lot! I have seen so many different places but I was to young. So I can’t remember anything.

Is there a difference between contentment and happiness?
– Definitely! I think contentment is a very temporary feeling. It’s pretty fast dealed with. For example when you’re hungry. You eat and you’re most of the time satisfied afterwards. Contentment is also not as strong as happiness. It is harder to be really happy but it lasts longer.

Do you like to think?
– Mostly I don’t think whether I give thoughts to something or not. I mean it sucks when you are lying awake in bed and have all those thoughts bugging you! But basically we should be graceful that we can think.

What instrument should your neighbour be playing to not annoy you?
– A pianist would be good! I love piano music! Or somebody who plays the contrabass. Generally stringed instruments are awesome!

On what do you think you can recognise a persons age?
– I don’t think you can tell by a certain feature. It’s more an interaction of different elements which are varying from one person to the other.

How much money do have to get to backstab a friend of yours?
– Can’t tell. But I mean in the right or better said wrong situation everybody would do it for a certain sum of money. Unfortunately!

Are you an adult in your eyes?
– Sometimes more, sometimes less! Haha!

Do you life in a fair world?
– No, definitely not.

Is waking up a good feeling for you?
– Yes. Preferably early in the morning. For me there is nothing worse than sleeping in till noon because you can’t get done anything. I also love to be woken up by the sunlight shining through my window. That’s why I never close the curtains when I go to bed.

From your point of view. Is the world colorful?
– Colorful is a negative word in my eyes. It sounds like ‘too much’ to me. Multicoloured would fit better and does sound more modest. And yes, the world is ‘colourful’ in all aspects.

Photo: Florian Grill @ PAM-Hamburg

Styling: Xenia Bous @ AK-Kruse

Production, Text, hair & make-Up: Peggy Kurka @ Bigoudi

Model: Max @ Modelwerk

Photography fashion | Modefotografie Berlin