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Self-publish to iPad & Android using Mag+

Via my colleague thereseb. I just came across another perfect example of how the web 2.0, or the read / write web,  is empowering individuals by letting them us connect to others directly, in a dialogue, by bypassing traditional media.

Entetr Mag+, a publishing tool that lets You publish Your own stuff, straight to both iOS, iPad & Android.

I just visited their headquarters in Stockholm where Peo Strindlund and his crew walked me through a quick demo of the ease of use and the different flavors, Create (which is free), Go, Grow and Lead and I have to say that I’m very impressed with the endless opportunities this aplication is dumping in our laps for a very fair price.

Now, self-publishing is not something new and I have been experimenting with platforms such as Issu who never really seemed to crack open the entry into the tablet playground…

[issuu width=600 height=400 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=100117184034-6dc0096ff4d349d38aea9c1de4695b89 name=11horses_the_viral_issue username=perzennstrom tag=art unit=px id=bba56450-df44-d6ea-3252-112c46cb67ce v=2]

… and Adobe is offering their Digital Publishing Suite which unfortunately is pricing itself out of reach for any small agency or publisher who would like to explore and experiment with tablet publishing.

The team especially focused on the speed of reviews to changes You do in the project while in the workflow, which are virtually instant, very impressive…

Well, to say the least I’m extremely excited about this and I have already downloaded the free tool and I hope to be able to start experimenting very soon on some projects



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