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think like a publisher

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Think like a publisher

theLAB-berlin is a cross-disciplinary, creative platform and artist collective, focusing on creative, digital solutions and storytelling for clients in the fashion, music, luxury and new media space.

I’m super excited to let You all know that our first, very own app is now available in the App Store on iTunes. Normally I’m not soliciting downloads and ratings but in this case I’ll make an exception – If You like what You see please go to…


…and download the app for free and give us a rating in the store (this will help us tremendously)

The app was build from scratch – with my bare hands – using Adobe tools such as InDesign PublishingSuite and so on… I could never have done this without being a subscriber to the Adobe Creative Cloud which has opened up completely new playgrounds for me.

Much has been said – and is still being said – about think like a publisher and this project is my take on it.  I believe that the new technologies and new-media has given each and everyone of us a golden opportunity to craft and distribute our own story.

I still love being a photographer…
…AND there is so much more to discover!!!

Images by fashion photographer Anka Bardeleben and me…


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issuu has been one of the pioneering digital self-publishing platforms and I have been covering them on this blog for some time now. Issuu was actually one of the very first solutions to relatively easy put Your content on-line in a more magazine like fashion. (You’d simply just create a pdf of Your content upload it and voila)

But with the rise of mobile –  and with that the rise of the app-economy –  Issuu seemed doomed to slowly just go away – chained to desktop-laptop and seemingly with no prospects ever finding it’s way onto peoples mobile devices.

This simplicity – just export Your InDesign file of your magazine to a pdf and upload – enabled almost every major publication to make their content available on Issuu – all this happened  a year – or three – before media companies gained the know-how and started to develop apps for that.

That’s why it’s really exciting to tell You that Issuu is finally available on both iOS and Android

Tweet: #Issuu is finally available on both #iOS and #Android - http://ctt.ec/PeS5O+
– it’s still not an app, (You still read the magazines via a browser and You have none of the mobile apps interactivity and gesture based inteface) – it’s just that the Issuu reader has been designed to work on all devices.

So all of a sudden the self publishing landscape has gotten really interesting. We have Issuu – with it’s simplicity – squaring off against Adobe Publishing Suite, Mag+ and others.



Digital Future

Digital future

… a real eye opener from Business Insider

Infographics are all the rage right now – and rightly so, since they are excellent tools to illustrate otherwise hard to grasp and somewhat abstract scenarios. Just seeing these graphs makes it much easier to fully understand the profound shifts we are witnessing -and living right now.

Personally I was really struck by the fact that developing for android has now caught up with developing for iOS -even though the money still seems to stay with iOS.

The biggest surprise, however,  was the fact that almost half the worlds population is on-line!  That in itself is a huge opportunity (and challenge)
In short, here are my take-away’s from this excellent deck.

-Almost half the worlds population are now on-line.  – CLICK TO TWEET
-Print and TV are dead, or will be…  – CLICK TO TWEET
-PC and Desktop will soon drop dead as well…  – CLICK TO TWEET
-We are now consuming media multi-screen.  – CLICK TO TWEET
-Mobile media time is the only one growing (vs. TV, Print, On-Line, Radio…)  – CLICK TO TWEET
-Digital advertising is now bigger than TV advertising.  – CLICK TO TWEET

… and most importantly:
-Money follows eyeballs – which are moving to digital -especially mobile.  – CLICK TO TWEET

digital future The Future of Digital 7 The Future of Digital 1 digital future The Future of Digital 4 digital future The Future of Digital 10 digital future The Future of Digital 5

digital future

eyballs are moving to digital

NOOG – digital collectibles

NOOG – a set of purely digital collectibles is a collaborative, purely digital art project that uses augmented reality technology in a fun and easy way. I just came across it and hope to be able to experiment with it a bit more. Above some of my first attempts using this fun tool that instatnly brings augmented reality into the hands of anyone…

“The NOOG Collection is the first set of purely digital collectables known to us. There have been different versions of existing material collectables that have transgressed into the virtual world of the Internet, but these are mere extensions to sets that predominantly populate the world in a material form. Digital Collectables define a pure immaterial set of desirable yet absent objects. Collectors begin their journey as curious and inspired amateurs. As their hunger for completion increases with every obtained fractal of a set, the collector steadily develops into a lover of NOOG.

They grow into masters as their desire for the entire set grows with the number of collected fractals of a set increases. The less pieces of the puzzle that are missing, the more a true collectors heart desires those missing and the warmer her love for the collected elements becomes.

Digital collecting demands a greater heart than material collecting, as the viral and virtual love is purer, it being disassociated from material and form. In digital collecting the intellect and passion must combine to heighten the imagination of the collector.

Pure love, desire and passion are entirely detached from a material form. Customization turns into a rewarding level of collecting, where the collector can interact with her set and become artist and curator of her own collection. 128 NOOGs are fully designed and styled, all of which have their own flavor. Another 128 NOOGs can be styled by you, the collector, using your own imagination.”

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