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creative digital solutions

creative digital solutions

creative digital solutions

creative digital solutions – theLAB-berlin

I’m very happy to let You know that  our project theLAB-berlin is now live with both it’s website and the iPad app. theLAB-berlin is a artist collective and platform – focusing on innovative, digital storytelling and solutions for clients in the fashion, music and luxury industry.

Why do we do what we do?

At theLAB-berlin we believe that there is an opportunity for brands to employ a new type of narrative – rooted in the new technologies and coupled with the rise of  ”new media”.


digital first strategy

digital first strategy

Aaron Dignan: Digital Isn’t Software, It’s a Mindset from 99U on Vimeo.

The most dominant companies, no matter the industry, are digital-first. Think Netflix over Blockbuster or iTunes over Tower Records. So how can we take advantage of this trend in our work and with our own projects?

Aaron Dignan walks us through how we can have the right mindset to thrive in the future: We need a purpose, a process to support it, the right people, and (most importantly) these need to combine to make products that serve a community larger than any employee or organization. Dignan shows off plenty of examples and tells us what to adopt for our own work. “When we look at the companies that are really dominating, this is what they are doing.”

About Aaron Dignan
Aaron Dignan dressed up like a superhero for 180 straight days of the first grade, which marked the beginning of his life as an iconoclast, observer, theorist, and performer. Now, as a founding partner of the digital strategy firm Undercurrent and based in New York, he advises global brands and complex organizations like GE, PepsiCo, Ford, and Estée Lauder on their future in an increasingly technophilic world. Aaron’s first book, “Game Frame: Using Games as a Strategy for Success,” was released in 2011.

digital first strategyAt the very end Aaron Dignan walks us through a simple process of finding opportunities for a project or business using the Venn digram above.


think like a publisher

think like a publisher Screenshot 2014-02-23 10.01.09 Screenshot 2014-02-23 10.01.24 Screenshot 2014-02-23 10.01.48 Screenshot 2014-02-23 10.02.26 think like a publisher Screenshot 2014-02-23 10.04.07 Screenshot 2014-02-23 10.04.39


Think like a publisher

theLAB-berlin is a cross-disciplinary, creative platform and artist collective, focusing on creative, digital solutions and storytelling for clients in the fashion, music, luxury and new media space.

I’m super excited to let You all know that our first, very own app is now available in the App Store on iTunes. Normally I’m not soliciting downloads and ratings but in this case I’ll make an exception – If You like what You see please go to…


…and download the app for free and give us a rating in the store (this will help us tremendously)

The app was build from scratch – with my bare hands – using Adobe tools such as InDesign PublishingSuite and so on… I could never have done this without being a subscriber to the Adobe Creative Cloud which has opened up completely new playgrounds for me.

Much has been said – and is still being said – about think like a publisher and this project is my take on it.  I believe that the new technologies and new-media has given each and everyone of us a golden opportunity to craft and distribute our own story.

I still love being a photographer…
…AND there is so much more to discover!!!

Images by fashion photographer Anka Bardeleben and me…

My camera equipment

My camera equipment

The content of my camera bag

My camera equipment


This post first appeared on SHOT KIT – A PEEK INSIDE THE CAMERA BAGS OF PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS which is a great new website dedicated to a more holistic and less techie take on camera gear.

I have now been a photographer for over 20 years and gone through the transition from analog to digital, which I did quite early compared to some of my friends and colleagues.

I honestly have no desire to ever shoot analog anymore – the speed and flexibility of digital is just so overwhelming that analog is no option for me.

As an assistant I used to stand in the darkroom for years and the same wonderful mistakes that happened under the red light happens all the time in my digital workflow.

Digital definitely has soul and feeling and by keeping the door slightly ajar for outside influences and “errors” you will constantly be challenged and sometimes amazed by new images and unusual solutions.

In my earliest professional days I used 2-3 Pentax 6×7 medium format bodies with mostly the 165 mm. lens. The Pentax was a great, albeit very basic camera, with a huge negative but it broke frequently so You needed to have at least 2 bodies with you – just in case…

My next system was the amazing Contax 645 – which had the for me novelty of autofocus.
All of a sudden virtually 100% of my frames were now in focus – earlier I always had to count on some frames being slightly shaky or out of focus since I mostly shot with a bit longer lenses. Even though I do not own the Contax anymore I have seen the system being used today still – with digital backs – a proof of concept and a testimony to the power of flexibility and “modular thinking”. In short a great camera and system.

At around this time digital started to become a real option and I finally made the switch to the very first digital Canon EOS 1Ds – with a for todays standards paltry 11mb sensor.
The switch to digital was a major turning point for me. Now I could afford to shoot “sloppier and more emotional” and the fact that the gear was a lot lighter made me more mobile and agile as a photographer – fewer shots stuck on a tripod and more moving around – simply freer

I honestly credit a lot of my development as a photographer to the fact that I switched to a smaller, lighter digital camera – gear is important but sometimes not for the reasons you think!

I stuck with the Canon EOS line and progressed all the way to the MarkIII – always with the prime 28-70mm zoom until very recently when Nikon released the D880/D800E models.
I was wowed by the fact that all of a sudden I could have a “almost middle format” feeling with similar sharpness and resolution in a very lightweight setup. Another major factor was the price difference – almost €900,- difference between the D800 and Canons equivalent made the choice easy. Other factors are the greatz video capabilities on the Nikon + the fact (that I already mentioned) that the images the Nikon produces are similar in feeling to a middle format camera.

So here I am and this is the current content of my camera bag:

– Nikon D800 with the budget AF-S Nikkor 24-85mm. (with image stabilization)
– also have an older Nikkor 105mm. /1.8 lens (no auto focus but wonderful for video)
– My everyday-carry-around camera is a Lumix DMC-LX5
– A Linhof Monoball w. quickrelease on a Gitzo tripod (not shown) for the times when I need to go on a tripod – these bad boys are over 20 years old and still functions flawlessly – german engineering at it’s best !

– USB sticks in various sizes are a must to have with you…
– A Minolta light meter (which I never use) is still packed in the bag… Sentimental reasons maybe?
– I have a 3 Tb external disk packed as secondary back-up on location – My primary backup is on the desktop for speed.
– Cleaning equipment including swabs and 99.9% alcohol and dust blower
– Nexus 7 tablet – great to show images on is always packed
– 2010 MacBook Pro – still running OK despite scary noises and clatter from the disk (not running a SSD – next time)
– And lastly – a notebook to for notes to-do’s – keeps me focused and I like the analog way of keeping notes.

White Noise White Shores

White Noise White Shores

This multi-media project is celebrating a pure, naive and innocent notion of beauty that seems to be almost forgotten these days. The project was initiated by me and my partner – 3D & CGI artist Thorsten Jasper Weese | recom. It consists of still images, video and (digitall + IRL) sculpture… Technically the process is not overly complicated and consists mainly of photography + 3D modeling + video (editing)

At the actual shooting, 40-50 still frames captured of Marie @ Iconic Management were uploaded into the free AutoDesk 123D Catch software that allows anyone with an internet connection to create real 3D models of virtually any object. The software stitches the images together and produces a 3D model in about 30 mins.

This 3D model was then “sculpted by hand” in Sculptris to refine and enhance the digital sculpturel. The next step was to hand the model over to Thorsten and his team at Recom-CGI for processing and editing. The camera flight and the rendering for the ANIMATION is done inf VREDprofessional and the passes were comped in NUKE and got little FX in After Effects. The team at Recom rendered a number of stills, video and 3D models which were then brought back to me for final editing in Premiere and After Effects.

The stills, based on the digitized Marie, done with 123D Catch, is rendered with the realtime rendertool VREDprofessional as a Wireframe with an Flipflor car paint to achieve a breakable lightweight feel.

White Noise White Shores | Per Zennstrom-3 White Noise White Shores | Per Zennstrom-4 White Noise White Shores | Per Zennstrom-5 White Noise White Shores | Per Zennstrom-7 White Noise White Shores | Per Zennstrom-10 White Noise White Shores | Per Zennstrom-15 White Noise White Shores White Noise White Shores | Per Zennstrom-20 White Noise White Shores | Per Zennstrom-24 White Noise White Shores | Per Zennstrom-25 White Noise White Shores | Per Zennstrom-27 White Noise White Shores White Noise White Shores | Per Zennstrom-29


Screenshot 2014-02-08 23.03.10 Screenshot 2014-02-08 23.02.55 Screenshot 2014-02-08 23.02.42 Screenshot 2014-02-08 23.02.19 Screenshot 2014-02-08 23.01.56 issuu


issuu has been one of the pioneering digital self-publishing platforms and I have been covering them on this blog for some time now. Issuu was actually one of the very first solutions to relatively easy put Your content on-line in a more magazine like fashion. (You’d simply just create a pdf of Your content upload it and voila)

But with the rise of mobile –  and with that the rise of the app-economy –  Issuu seemed doomed to slowly just go away – chained to desktop-laptop and seemingly with no prospects ever finding it’s way onto peoples mobile devices.

This simplicity – just export Your InDesign file of your magazine to a pdf and upload – enabled almost every major publication to make their content available on Issuu – all this happened  a year – or three – before media companies gained the know-how and started to develop apps for that.

That’s why it’s really exciting to tell You that Issuu is finally available on both iOS and Android

Tweet: #Issuu is finally available on both #iOS and #Android - http://ctt.ec/PeS5O+
– it’s still not an app, (You still read the magazines via a browser and You have none of the mobile apps interactivity and gesture based inteface) – it’s just that the Issuu reader has been designed to work on all devices.

So all of a sudden the self publishing landscape has gotten really interesting. We have Issuu – with it’s simplicity – squaring off against Adobe Publishing Suite, Mag+ and others.



Digital Future

Digital future

… a real eye opener from Business Insider

Infographics are all the rage right now – and rightly so, since they are excellent tools to illustrate otherwise hard to grasp and somewhat abstract scenarios. Just seeing these graphs makes it much easier to fully understand the profound shifts we are witnessing -and living right now.

Personally I was really struck by the fact that developing for android has now caught up with developing for iOS -even though the money still seems to stay with iOS.

The biggest surprise, however,  was the fact that almost half the worlds population is on-line!  That in itself is a huge opportunity (and challenge)
In short, here are my take-away’s from this excellent deck.

-Almost half the worlds population are now on-line.  – CLICK TO TWEET
-Print and TV are dead, or will be…  – CLICK TO TWEET
-PC and Desktop will soon drop dead as well…  – CLICK TO TWEET
-We are now consuming media multi-screen.  – CLICK TO TWEET
-Mobile media time is the only one growing (vs. TV, Print, On-Line, Radio…)  – CLICK TO TWEET
-Digital advertising is now bigger than TV advertising.  – CLICK TO TWEET

… and most importantly:
-Money follows eyeballs – which are moving to digital -especially mobile.  – CLICK TO TWEET

digital future The Future of Digital 7 The Future of Digital 1 digital future The Future of Digital 4 digital future The Future of Digital 10 digital future The Future of Digital 5

digital future

eyballs are moving to digital

Kinetic Light Sculpture | Benjamin Muzzin

kinetic light sculpture

kinetic light sculpture by Benjamin Muzzin

Kinetic Light Sculpture

Full Turn ECAL/Benjamin Muzzin from ECAL on Vimeo.

A really nice example of a fusion of digital-virtual and physical-tactile expressions. Even though I’m very fond of the screen as medium it very often lacks the sensuality of paper or print. Here the screen dissolves in a furious spinning motion and the violence is replaced by a serene, ethereal fluidity.

Tutors: Alain Bellet, Gael Hugo, Christophe Guignard
ECAL / University of Art and Design, Lausanne Switzerland
Bachelor Media & Interaction Design
Music : “Murder!” by Montgomery Clunk (http://www.myspace.com/monteebeats)
http://www.ecal.ch + vimeo.com/channels/ecalmid

“With this project I wanted to explore the notion of the third dimension, with the desire to try to get out of the usual frame of a flat screen. For this, my work mainly consisted in exploring and experimenting a different device for displaying images, trying to give animations volume in space. The resulting machine works with the rotation of two screens placed back to back, creating a three-dimensional animated sequence that can be seen at 360 degrees. Due to the persistence of vision, the shapes that appear on the screen turn into kinetic light sculptures.”

Flipboard Desktop

Flipboard Desktop

Flipboard has now rolled out the possibility to view content on Your Desktop

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 5.08.03 PM

Flipboard Desktop

This is huge for any visual story teller…

I just caught the news that Flipboard has rolled out the possibility to view content on Your desktop, a shift away from their mobile only policy of 3 years. ( Instagram anyone ???)

I quickly jumped onboard and threw together my first Flipboard – Per Zennstrom Photography, and I have to say I’m impressed with the result. My head is actually spinning a bit since the content displays gorgeously and for any visual storyteller this is huge. I can easily see this as an extension of this blog, or a gorgeous swipable portfolio featuring various feeds such as Instagram, Facebook, Flickr… The possibilities actually seem endless.

Adding content is a breeze using their dedicated bookmarklet. Use with prudence and caution – it actually could open up the possibilty of over-sharing – it’s that easy!

Upon Paper – print, digital and a physical space

Upon Paper | print and digital

I’m extremely flattered and humbled that one of my images is appearing in the latest print issue “Lovers” of multi-platform art project Upon Paper, a truly extravagant and luxurious “object de désire” .

This is not a MAGAZINE! Its a biannual in an extra-large format, curated like an art portfolio its your objet du désire. Each issue features a leitmotif, thematically linking an outstanding ensemble of artists, designers and creatives with a curious eye and fresh insight. What unites them is not their fame, but the quality of their practice and their contribution. UPON PAPER MAGAZINE arises from an intense passion for paper. In a super-large format (49 x 69cm) it uses a variety of the highest quality papers. Pages are simply held together by a red cord, allowing each layout to be removed and attached to your wall. Highlighting artistic practice in an outstanding format makes UPON PAPER Magazine an opulent, unique stage for both famous and yet-to-be-discovered artists.”

The contributor-lineup for this thirdi issue includes James Franco, Jeff Burton, Larry Clark, Bill Henson, René Groebli, Gilberto Chateaubriand, Rosa Loy, Hans Peter Adamski, Kate Bellm, Harry Pecconotti as well as Julian Schnabel and May Anderson, Larry Clark (with whom I share a spread)…

My contribution is an image from a series on my old polaroid scrap-book, see below…


Upon Paper | print and digital | Per Zennstrom

Upon Paper | print and digital

Multi-Platform Upon Paper- | print and digital

Zennstrom | Upon Paper | print and digital-8

Upon Paper | print and digital – polaroid

Zennstrom | Upon Paper | print and digital-7

Upon Paper | print and digital – polaroid

Zennstrom | Upon Paper | print and digital-6

Upon Paper | print and digital – polaroid

Zennstrom | Upon Paper | print and digital-5

Upon Paper | print and digital – polaroid

Zennstrom | Upon Paper | print and digital-4

Upon Paper | print and digital – polaroid

Zennstrom | Upon Paper | print and digital-2

Upon Paper | print and digital – polaroid

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima

techno music Beroshima

techno music Beroshima. I recently had the opportunity to be involved in the visual direction for techno legend Frank Muller aka. Beroshima and the release of his new album which is coming very soon.
“Frank Mueller a.k.a Beroshima has been a pioneer of electronic music since the mid 1990’s. His musical passion was ignited at the age of 13, when he created his first DJ set. With the Berlin wall coming down, Beroshima was formed with Ulrich Schnauss in 1994. Beroshima started with a cutting edge acid flavored electronic sound and has constantly evolved as one of the finest acts in live techno. The name Beroshima has spread to the world, with sightings all over the planet from Europe to South America, Asia and everywhere in between. Beroshima is constantly exploring with a musical compass. Frank has dropped uncountable floor hits like “Deebeefunky” “We who are oppressed” and “electronic discussion”. Piles of magazines feature his innovative productions. Frank is often praised for his diverse performance and unique electronic music style. With multi layered grooves, whirling bass-lines and dashes of melodic strings. Frank’s sound has constantly grown with over 20 years of experience producing floor entrancing records. Known as an expert DJ and producer, Frank Muller has been a resident DJ at Mayday and a frequent favorite at the WIRE Festival in Japan, in addition to his residency nights “WE LOVE NEON” in Berlin and constant global touring. Everyone has heard at least once, one of the best known Beroshima tracks, “Horizon” released by Cocoon & Soma. Horizon was the No.1 hit in Ibiza 2007 and best selling record on cocoon.net. It was featured in compilations by Francois.K, Danny Howells, Sven Vath, Funk D’void and many other top DJs. Beroshima releases are often listed on the playlist of many high profile artists, like Nic Fanciulli, Sasha, James Zabiela, Technasia, to name a few. When Frank commands the stage, you can expect moving floors filled with music lover’s hands up, deep sound space and endless dancing.”

Lighting and Equipment

Early on we decided to go for a polished, sophisticated and dark look and I was very happy to be able to use some cool tools such as DMesh and Sculptris,  Autodesk 123D Catch  (which are all freeware!!!) to add some Delaunay triangulation -and 3D flavor to the overall look. The shooting itself was done within a few hours using minimal lighting and equipment to maximize ease and spontaneity.

techno music Beroshima

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima by photographer Per Zennstrom using Autodesk 123D catch + Sculptris


techno music Beroshima

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima by photographer Per Zennstrom using DMesh triangulation software


techno music Beroshima

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima by photographer Per Zennstrom for the release of the album “Real to Reel”. This image processed via DMesh


techno music Beroshima

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima by photographer Per Zennstrom for the release of the album “Real to Reel”


techno music Beroshima

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima by photographer Per Zennstrom for the release of the album “Real to Reel”


techno music Beroshima

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima by fashion photographer Per Zennstrom using DMesh and building a gif in photoshop.

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