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Dark love poem to America


Dark love poem to America

Director John Hillcoat created a dark love poem to America for Johnny Cash’s posthumous music video, “She Used to Love Me a Lot.”

(via CoCreate)

“In 1968, legendary badass Johnny Cash reportedly visited Nickajack Cave in his native Tennessee, with the intention of killing himself. Instead, he had something of a spiritual experience in that cave, and emerged ready to quit using drugs (which he did, temporarily). This macabre personal narrative is visually represented in a new music video for the once and always Man In Black, one which begins by taking viewers right into the maw of that cave, and ends with our exit.”

This video is filled with hauntingly beautiful and brooding imagery – staged as that classic  roadtrip right through the dark American underbelly. There are no shortages of images of prisons, tatoo’s and black crows flying about all seen from the perspective of an anonymous driver in a very big Cadillac.

There is a very strong sense of a biblical narrative here – as always with Johnny Cash – stemming from his White Trash -Tennessee background.

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima

techno music Beroshima

techno music Beroshima. I recently had the opportunity to be involved in the visual direction for techno legend Frank Muller aka. Beroshima and the release of his new album which is coming very soon.
“Frank Mueller a.k.a Beroshima has been a pioneer of electronic music since the mid 1990’s. His musical passion was ignited at the age of 13, when he created his first DJ set. With the Berlin wall coming down, Beroshima was formed with Ulrich Schnauss in 1994. Beroshima started with a cutting edge acid flavored electronic sound and has constantly evolved as one of the finest acts in live techno. The name Beroshima has spread to the world, with sightings all over the planet from Europe to South America, Asia and everywhere in between. Beroshima is constantly exploring with a musical compass. Frank has dropped uncountable floor hits like “Deebeefunky” “We who are oppressed” and “electronic discussion”. Piles of magazines feature his innovative productions. Frank is often praised for his diverse performance and unique electronic music style. With multi layered grooves, whirling bass-lines and dashes of melodic strings. Frank’s sound has constantly grown with over 20 years of experience producing floor entrancing records. Known as an expert DJ and producer, Frank Muller has been a resident DJ at Mayday and a frequent favorite at the WIRE Festival in Japan, in addition to his residency nights “WE LOVE NEON” in Berlin and constant global touring. Everyone has heard at least once, one of the best known Beroshima tracks, “Horizon” released by Cocoon & Soma. Horizon was the No.1 hit in Ibiza 2007 and best selling record on cocoon.net. It was featured in compilations by Francois.K, Danny Howells, Sven Vath, Funk D’void and many other top DJs. Beroshima releases are often listed on the playlist of many high profile artists, like Nic Fanciulli, Sasha, James Zabiela, Technasia, to name a few. When Frank commands the stage, you can expect moving floors filled with music lover’s hands up, deep sound space and endless dancing.”

Lighting and Equipment

Early on we decided to go for a polished, sophisticated and dark look and I was very happy to be able to use some cool tools such as DMesh and Sculptris,  Autodesk 123D Catch  (which are all freeware!!!) to add some Delaunay triangulation -and 3D flavor to the overall look. The shooting itself was done within a few hours using minimal lighting and equipment to maximize ease and spontaneity.

techno music Beroshima

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima by photographer Per Zennstrom using Autodesk 123D catch + Sculptris


techno music Beroshima

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima by photographer Per Zennstrom using DMesh triangulation software


techno music Beroshima

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima by photographer Per Zennstrom for the release of the album “Real to Reel”. This image processed via DMesh


techno music Beroshima

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima by photographer Per Zennstrom for the release of the album “Real to Reel”


techno music Beroshima

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima by photographer Per Zennstrom for the release of the album “Real to Reel”


techno music Beroshima

Frank Muller aka. Beroshima by fashion photographer Per Zennstrom using DMesh and building a gif in photoshop.

Sigur Rós – Valtari

Sigur Rós: Valtari on Nowness.com.

One of the most hypnotic and beautiful pieces I have seen in a very long time… If You’re into dark but yet poetic, belgian post-industrial expressions You’ll enjoy this film directed by Christian Larson.

“The video is the 14th in the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment, a series commissioned by the Icelandic band to herald the release of their new album Valtari,”

via Nowness


Victor by Hasselblad – featuring 10 years of my work

I was very pleased to see how nicely Victor by Hasselblad took care of my images in a 18 page spread for their March issue which is on-line now…

These images are all born out of some sort of fashion photography context and are taken over a period of 10 years or more and is a retrospective of the work I have done evers since receiving the Hasselblad Master award in March 2002.

Please share if You think this is worth it…

Dark Forest

… some images that I shot in a wintery swedish forest. Blair Witch anyone ?

The very dark Nordic forest is populated with all kinds of beings, both friends and foes. One of my favorite characters is the Princess Bianca Maria / Princess Tuvstarr, both immortalized by the Swedish illustrator John Bauer who spent his time bringing to life these figures… There is another Nordic mythological creature, the “Huldra” (or “Skogrå”) who is essentially a cunning seductress, very much like the mediterraenean Siren. In the stories she would lure woodworkers into the forest with her radiant beauty, never to return again…

These extraordinarily beautiful creatures are shape-shifters and if You would happen to catch a look at them from behind they would resemble nothing more than a hollow, rotting tree stump. Another way of making them out was that the females sometimes had a fox tail sticking out from under their skirt.

For more images of sticks & twigs see this post as well as this one

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