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Dark Forest

… some images that I shot in a wintery swedish forest. Blair Witch anyone ?

The very dark Nordic forest is populated with all kinds of beings, both friends and foes. One of my favorite characters is the Princess Bianca Maria / Princess Tuvstarr, both immortalized by the Swedish illustrator John Bauer who spent his time bringing to life these figures… There is another Nordic mythological creature, the “Huldra” (or “Skogrå”) who is essentially a cunning seductress, very much like the mediterraenean Siren. In the stories she would lure woodworkers into the forest with her radiant beauty, never to return again…

These extraordinarily beautiful creatures are shape-shifters and if You would happen to catch a look at them from behind they would resemble nothing more than a hollow, rotting tree stump. Another way of making them out was that the females sometimes had a fox tail sticking out from under their skirt.

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