Squarespace benefits for photographers

Squarespace benefits for photographers

Squarespace Benefits for Photographers

Squarespace Benefits for Photographers. Or, Squarespace Speed vs. WordPress Speed. One of the main criticisms against Squarespace is that it's a "walled garden" and not an open environment, like WordPress. I understand the criticism but there are actually some benefits of the Squarespace approach. Website loading speed which is becoming very important in Google's eyes is one of them. After switching to a Squarespace solution I have seen a dramatic improvement of my website loading speed. This happens because of this "walled garden" philosophy, it's simply impossible to adding plug-in after plug-in that, on one hand could add functionality, but on the other hand could cause conflicts and slow down your site. My new site is a much "meaner and leaner" site just because I cannot add these plug-in's. Obviously I still have work to do, especially on mobile ; ))) Enjoy the blazing speed of my new site here: http://perzennsrom.com

As you can see my new site scores pretty high in Google's Mobile Speed Test Tool, granted the mobile version still needs some attention. After a quick check in Google Analytics I'm prepared to let this wait a bit since a whopping 86% of my website audience still is visiting my site on desktop.  Some other, more visual benefits are that Squarespace themes are really nicely designed with an tremendous attention to detail. Prior to my switch I was unhappy with many of my interior pages, but now after the switch from WordPress to Squarespace everything looks gorgeous in my opinion.

What about traffic after switching? Great question and checking Analytics again I definitely saw a dip for a couple of days but after that traffic has bounced right back and I actually seem to see more visitors coming in than previously - this is just a hunch at the moment but I'll post about this in a few weeks.

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