Name Your Fear

Name Your Fear

Name Your Fear – Untitled

This piece is a reflection on change and fear – why do we fear the unknown and unfamiliar so much?  It took me a very long time to muster enough courage to take the plunge, but now, a bit later, I realise that I could never ever have become what I am now without taking that “risk” (which in reality, looking back at things, wasn’t a risk at all.) By embracing and adopting this new thing (I will tell You what it is in a moment)  I have transcended and become larger that before. I now can do things I couldn’t even dream up earlier.


Seth Godin wrote on his blog that  “Everything is overpriced – until it’s not. Real estate, fine art and start-up investments have something in common: the good ones always seem too expensive when we have a chance to buy them.”   By that I believe he means that You have to not just believe in Yourself and what you do but rather more importantly that it doesn’t really matter.

The barriers are all inside our own heads, by discarding our current mindset based on fear and adopting a positive outlook we will be able to get what we want.  Now, I do not mean that automagically things will materialise out of thin air – I really hate all that mumbo-jumbo about channeling and “Laws of Attraction” – I’m sure You know what I mean.  What I mean is that visualising Yourself having the success or positive outcome makes it easier to relentlessly start taking action.

Action Taking Is the only way forward!

… or as Yoda said  “Named must your fear be before banish it you can.”


Name Your Fear

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