how to build your network

How to build your network

How to build your network – It’s all in the network. It’s a well-known fact that advertisers are deeply mistrusted today while recommendations from friends and business relations are the most trusted sources of information. We don’t trust old media and advertisers anymore, well-known brands that used to be trusted are doing equally poorly these days. However friends and personal connections – or brands that are perceived to operate in an authentic way are stepping in.

I just ran into a very cool – FREE – tool to expand your network and get in touch with those key people You would give an arm and leg for having access to…  Conspire

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So What does Conspire do?

Conspire tells you exactly how to get the best introduction to whoever you want to meet — a customer, employer or investor. By analysing email data, Conspire understand who knows each other and how well. They score each relationship to recognise the difference between a close colleague and someone you met at a conference for five minutes. With this understanding, Conspire finds the strongest path of connections in your extended network to any person or company you’re interested in.


You search. They find. No connection requests.

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