Hien Le Fashion Designer

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Hien Le fashion designer


Hien Le fashion designer – I’m feeling pretty lucky being able to shoot for my friend Helder Suffenplan’s gorgeous initiative – Scentury. It’s a web platform where “creatives meet scents on a blind date”.  This means that Helder’s interviewee is presented with an unknown scent in a neutral bottle and is then encouraged to go on a journey with the scent. Intriguing to say the least. I get to meet, and take some snaps of some of the most intriguing creative Berliners there is.  Recently Helder asked if I wanted to take some portraits of fashion designerHien Le.  I jumped on this chance, of course.

Hien’s atelier has a very quiet aura, there is a very intriguing stillness about his beautiful space and I immediately noticed  the pale and delicate colors. There were delicate pale blues and pinks, mixed with some fresh, yet timid lime greens. We didn’t stay very long and after arriving out on the busy street, it felt like I had returned from atime had stood still.

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