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Learn a new language for free and help translate the web, at the same time – Duolingo

An amazing, jaw dropping project which highlights the great possibilities of large scale collaborative projects, marrying great innovative thinking with tech and then scaling the project to make it have an enormous impact.
In short learn a new language for free and help translate the web at the same time , sign up for the beta below…
I just signed up for learning german… soon in Chinese, Japanese and Spanish

… came across the web/app translating service Smartling recently and took their free plan for a spin to see how it worked and holy macarony, it really works !!!
My main website will hopefully soon be multi-lingual, with a Chinese, Japanese and Spanish translation, using either machine translation or paid translators. In any case, take a look at the image above to see how cool it looks in simplified Chinese !!!

For those of You who would like to check out the sites live, here they are…
(Please keep in mind that they are machine translated at the moment and probably will look & sound like gibberish for native speakers…)


The world is a much better place now than ever…

Harvard Thinks Big 2010 – Steven Pinker – ‘Some Questions About Violence’ from James Smith on Vimeo.

Steven Pinker, Professor of Psychology, speaks at Harvard Thinks Big 2010 on the question of whether social structures have rendered humanity more or less violent on the whole.
Professor Pinker is a Harvard College Professor and Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University.

I cannot think of a better post than this, remembering the attack on the US 10 years ago.
Things get better, we are less violent now than before, things are moving in the right direction…

Webinar "… on fashion photography" Hosted by Andrej Glusgold / Berliner Teknische Kunsthochschule

 … a little reminder about the live webinar on wednesday dec. 15th. where I have been invited by artist/photographer Andrej Glusgold to have a conversation with his students on fashion photography and new media,  at the BTK (Berliner Teknische Kunsthochschule).
There has been a slight shift of starting time, it’s now starting at 17:00 CET and will go on at least 1 hr. maybe more…

Please use this link to register for Per Zennström “… on fashion photography” webinar !
It’s free and there is nothing to download or install !!!

This webinar will make extensive use of the GoToWebinar software which we have tested out the past week with very good results. We’re still running the 30 day free trial which makes the cost of this whole project zero !!! (… another example of how technology empowers people and makes this world better)
I will share my screen and there will be live audio from me and Andrej.  All attendees have the possibility to chat with us and ask questions live. If You have questions You can also mail me them beforehand and we will try to group questions together and try to answer them during the webinar…

This is a first for me but I’m very excited about the possibilities that opens up…  OK, video conferencing is nothing new but now for the first time I sense that it’s within the grasp on ordinary “mortals” and no longer just something You see in movies (… emergency meeting between various heads of states arguing what to do as the enormous space rock/alien warship hurls towards earth spelling out imminent disaster and certain doom) Live on-line workshops are a reality now and more and more ordinary people realize this and start using the tools that are available to communicate and run their businesses.
As a photographer all this new technology opens up fantastic oportunities to collaborate with clients / students…
Below just a few quick examples of what is possible now…

Long-Distance/Remot/Live Client approval of shooting…
Say You’re on a shooting very far away and it’s critical that the client can see/comment/approve of the shooting right away, or even live.. That is possible using all these technologies available, most of them are actually free ! You could hook your client up to Your monitor and share Your screen with them, letting them see, and comment on the shooting live… On possible set up would be GoToWebinar + Lightroom + any stable internet connection.

Long Distance Shooting:
Say You are a very sought after photographer and for this particular shooting for some reason You cannot “make it”. Using Lightroom + GoTo Webinar coupled with the possibility to remotely control the screen in the studio and a cameras “Live View” You could actually sit on a beach in Thailand and shoot in London ! (I would’t recommend telling the client You’re on a beach, but it is technically possible to do at almost no costs …)

The world is full of interesting things !

This post is about one of the absolutely most jaw-dropping experiences I have had on the web and definitely cements my belief in humanity’s capacity for great things.
If there are 2 posts post You have to check out on 11horses in Your lifetime this is one of them, the other is the inspirational TED talk given by then 14 year old William Kwamkwamba.

Amazing compilation/curation of great creative content on the web by Creative Lab @ Google.
A lot of it open source like “The Johnny Cash project” where Chris Milk, (of Arcade Fire “The Wilderness Downtown” fame) collaborated with Aaron Koblin and Mr Doob to allow Johnny Cash fans to draw each frame for Johnny Cash’s final video.
(…and I’m just mentioning these because they appear as #2,3 of 106 entries.)
A visual and intellectual goodie bag full of delightful surprises…
Nuff said, go explore “the world is full of interesting things” here

Ted goes BitTorrent

No, contrary to what some say, the culture of sharing is not dead. One of my absolute favourite resources for information and knowledge TED – ideas worth spreading – Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world have now teamed up with BitTorrent to make the TED talks available for downloads to an audience that otherwise might not have came across this vast pool of cutting edge ideas and talks by some of the worlds most brilliant minds…
This is real soft power, let your great idea loose for all to hear, and let them make up their minds…

Here at TED HQ we’re having fun playing with the new BitTorrent app for TEDTalks — part of the new BitTorrent Mainline client (and the current µTorrent beta). It’s Windows-only for now. Using the TEDTalks BitTorrent app, you can browse the TEDTalks library by date and keyword, finding talks that are most emailed, most tweeted, rated funniest or most informative … and then download them in a snap.
“We’re thrilled to collaborate with BitTorrent to bring TEDTalks to millions of new viewers,” says June Cohen, Executive Producer of TED Media. “TED’s mission is to spread ideas, and BitTorrent’s new apps platform will amplify our work really powerfully, reaching a large and engaged audience who may be new to TED.”

Kid’s these days…

.. just a quick reflection on the overall resourcefulness and “just-do-it” attitude of kids these days. 18 year old blogger Juan Bernal at Alive and Absolute interviewed me recently and we all know 14 year old, superstar fashion blogger Tavi, over at Style Rookie
I can only compare myself at that age and what kids are doing these days and I do make the case that kids these days are a different breed and I do argue that it’s just not technology changes that has enabled them to take charge like they do…
I do feel it’s something more than “just” technology, something more profound and I see it every time I visit a photo school talking to the students.

Ray Kurzweil on "Computing everywhere"

“My key point will be how we are moving towards computing everywhere,” said Kurzweil. “When I was a student at MIT there was one computer shared by everyone (an IBM 7094 with 32K of 36 bit words and one quarter of a MIP of CPU power). Now we have computers embedded in many devices in our homes, cars, on our bodies.

“This trend will continue. Over the next two decades, we will have many computerized devices inside our bodies both monitoring health functions and controlling artificial and augmented organs, and embedded in our brains providing realistic full-immersion virtual reality environments from within our nervous system and augmenting our intelligence. All the objects in our lives will become intelligent.”

via KurzweilNet

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