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Daft Punk remixed – using classic game sounds


“If human beings thrive on limitations, then the life of the chiptune makes a lot of sense.”

By limiting Yourself You will actually open up new doors to areas You might have not been able to discover otherwise and the Chip Tune project is a great example of this paradox. Limiting themselves to sounds from classic game consoles (like Gameboy) they have taken some of Daft Punk’s most beloved classic and remixed them with astonishing results.

Download both albums at the Chiptune website here… – video sfx is the video sfx unit with wich we work very closely with editing and adding sfx  for the upcoming “Born For Fame” video project. Above some earlier work for german pop-star BlitzKids

The expression “Alte Schwede” (old swede) has it’s origin from the end of the 30 year war when Friedrich Wilhelm hired experienced swedish lego-soldiers to train his army. Since these older soldiers were particurlary good in drilling exercises this friendly expression was born.

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