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Fashion video installation for designer Marcell von Berlin

Marcell von Berlin is a young, emerging Berlin based fashion designer who manages to effectively and reassuringly marry Berlins gritty street culture with a very chic, high-fashion narrative. For his debut collection “Born For fame” he decided to forgo a traditional catwalk show and instead produce a video installation. I had the good fortune  to be able to both direct the video and the still campaig as welll as take care of the design of the actual event.

A “fluorescent cube” was a central element which appeared in every part of this project and offered a visual “red thread” that held everything together. The cube was built with of-the-shelf material from any hardware store and literally held together with white duct-tape.

Above You can follow the life of the cube, from some early conceptual drawings to the finished project where the cube was installed in the street and below the final video.

Marcell von Berlin Teaser "Born for Fame"

Marcell von Berlin – “Born for Fame” teaser from Per Zennström on Vimeo.

Teaser for fashion designer Marcell von Berlin’s upcoming video installation, during Berlin Fashion Week jan. 2012.

Shot at the ultra-chic CarLoft Berlin where You take Your car into the elevator and park on Your balcony we managed to raise some eyebrows when we un-intentionally set of the fire alarm with our smoke machine ; )))
Contains some light nudity…

Experimental beauty shooting using projections…

Leica + Altewai.Saome experimental beauty – Images by Per Zennstrom

Recently I had the opportunity to show a group of colleagues some images and talk a bit about how I work with the Leica S2 system. This event was hosted by Goecker Sweden and I also did a very quick and experimental beauty shooting where design duo Altewai.Saome had provided some beautiful graphics that I projected onto the face of Sally @ Mika’s.  Make-Up and hair by longtime collaborator Sofia Lewandrowski

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