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Re:Mix Dark, download a free webgallery !!!

I’m still fascinated and intrigued by the new “free” economy, see Chris Anderson etc. and I’m now launching the second installment in a series of free, downloadable portfolios…
Download a free webgallery with the portfolio Re:Mix Dark, from FilesAnywhere,  by clicking here
(It would be fun to see how many downloads actually are made, so please just throw in a comment if You do download, thanx… )

(Download the zip file, un-zip it and then launch the gallery by double clicking on the html file. The galley will launch itself in your browser, Safari, Firefox or whatever you use)

This web-gallery was created by using Adobe LightRoom, and again I have to let You know what an absolute cornerstone this app is in my workflow, absolutely essential !!!
I have not been able to get my hands on Apple’s Aperture to make a direct comparison but the reason I picked LightRoom was the tight integration of LightRoom – PhotoShop.

Private use only, please !!!
Not for commercial use.
Feel free to post or otherwise show the images, but please make sure to link back to either or

Cris Anderson’s "Free: the future of a radical price""

Malcolm Gladwell’s (Blink) The New Yorker review, here, of Chris Anderson’s (The Long Tail) recent book “Free: the future of a radical price

Mr. Anderson, editor at WIRED Magazine, and famous for his Long Tail concept has logically released his book in various formats and with different pricetags…
The book attempts tto dissect the new economy of free…
You can make money giving away things for free. and yes-, there is such a thing as a free lunch !!!
A free, zipped MP3 audiobook is downloadable here, at OpenCulture
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