Berlin fashion film

Berlin fashion film


Berlin fashion film – Fashion designer Michael Sontag and actress Bibiana Beglau have a very special relationship – to simply say that they are close is a misrepresentation of their bond.  Yes – they are of course very close –  but there is so much more to their friendship and that was the starting point for the Secret Garden video project.  This short film is an attempt to shed some light on this – looking at them through the lens of filmmaker Per Zennström.

In the film the two protagonists are merging into one – Bibiana is in fact stealing Michael’s voice and becoming him – and vice versa.In an enchanted Berlin ruin the two characters engage in a mysterious cat and mouse game – who is really who ? … and who is only pretending to be the other one?  The movement of Michael’s designs are a direct result of his unique way of working and being present in the moment – a way of approaching work that he and Bibiana have in common..  Presence and fluidity…

Michael’s work resembles a sculptor more than a painter. He never draws any sketches beforehand – preferring to drape the fabrics directly on his models.  This is perhaps why motion and fluidity are words that constantly pop up when people are talking about his work.

“Fashion designer Michael Sontag doesn’t sketch, draw or otherwise put his ideas down on paper before getting to work on his designs. Instead he intuitively and very much hands-on starts draping the fabric directly on his model – very much like a sculptor working with steel, glass or stone. It’s his hands that are doing the work, manipulating the raw materials. The shapes are born directly from underneath his hands moving over a body and it’s this approach that leads to the fluidity, intimacy and movement of his pieces.”

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